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NaturDent Denture Adhesive is worldwide the only waterproof denture adhesive made from food-grade-ingredients only. NaturDent must be applied on a clean and completely dry denture. It has higher viscosity than conventional adhesives due to its unique composition. Less is more with NaturDent. Less adhesive results in more bonding. NaturDent is non water-soluble and will not wash out while eating or drinking.

NaturDent Denture Adhesive consists of two main components: Polyvinylacetate (PVA) and Carboxymthylcellulose (CMC).

Polyvinylacetate is the adhesive. It works only on a dry surface to create the bonding effect (like a dry chewing gum). To keep the mucosa dry, we use Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) which works like a “sponge” to absorb moisture in the mouth. When the “sponge” is saturated with moisture, the mucosa becomes wet, Polyvinylacetate loses bonding effect and the denture stays in place only by suction (Saturation point). Now you can easily remove the dentures.

The denture can be removed by little force. It will be painless and will cause no negative effects, but residues of the adhesive might be left on the gum. These residues are not harmful and will come off by themselves after a few hours or rinse your mouth with warm water, or cooking oil. Put a little bit of cooking oil on a towel and clean your gum. Under no circumstances should denture cleansers or other removal methods be used to clean the gum. Do not gargle or rinse your mouth with Cleansing Tablet solution.

If there are residues of NaturDent Denture Adhesive it is a result of using too much adhesive. Please remember less is more with NaturDent you can even try to spread the adhesive in a very thin layer with your finger. We recommend NaturDent Cleansing Tablets. NaturDent Cleansing Tablets meet the requirements to clean the denture. If the non water-soluble residues are not removed for a certain period of time, they might become hard. Please use NaturDent Cleansing Tablets every day to clean the residues of the NaturDent Denture Adhesive.

If the bonding effect has not lessened at the end of the day, simply leave dentures in the mouth overnight and brush them with a toothbrush like your own teeth. Apply less adhesive next day.
Since NaturDent Cleansing Tablets are alkaline (pH9), the metal parts of dentures will not be corroded. Therefore they are also highly recommended for cleansing partial dentures and orthodontic braces.

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