Denture Adhesive

The patented denture adhesive cream NaturDent guarantees extra strong and extra-long holding power for upper dentures and especially for lower dentures. Natural pine resin acts as the perfect stabilisier for dentures; no movement, no more slipping and a secure feeling all day long! NaturDent also provides extra protection against food particles trapped under dentures. NaturDent adhesive is a product for those denture wearers who avoid using any denture adhesives because of chemical ingredients. NaturDent is also an alternative product for those who would like to change to an adhesive based on natural ingredients.

The world´s first denture adhesive made from food-grade ingredients!
Extra strong holding power thanks to the power of nature!

NaturDent Denture Adhesive 40 g

NaturDent – the best solution for your natural smile: 
100 % food grade ingredients/ Vegan / Gluten- & lactosefree
Extra strong holding power with pine resin
A secure hold all day long

How to use

  1. Clean and dry your denture thoroughly. NaturDent can only develop its full adhesive power, if the denture is completely dry.
  2. Apply NaturDent to your denture by squeezing the tube slightly. Warm the tube in hand, if it is cold to let the adhesive come out easily. (Please store at room temperature)
  3. Apply NaturDent to your denture in strips or series of dots, making sure that the adhesive is not too close to the edge of the denture.
  4. To avoid clogging, close tube tightly immediately after use. Please keep the nozzle of the tube always clean.
  5. Insert denture into your mouth and bite firmly.
  6. For best results, wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking.

Hint: It may take a few trials to see what amount of fittydent Denture Adhesive is ideal. First begin by using a small amount. Increase as needed to achieve a long lasting bond.

Helpful hints

If you are new at the denture adventure, allow us to give you some advises we know from our experience all newbies had to struggle with.

  • If the bonding effect has not lessened at the end of the day, simply leave dentures in the mouth overnight and brush them with a toothbrush like your own teeth. Apply less adhesive next day.
  • If you wish an even stronger bond, spread adhesive to create a thin and even layer over the entire contact area, but less is more with NaturDent. If the adhesive oozes out, then you used way too much adhesive. You can easily remove this residues on your gum with a little bit of cooking oil on a towel.
  • For sensitive gums, a mild tingling or burning sensation may be felt occasionally. It will pass by quickly and is absolutely harmless. To avoid this effect please wait 30 seconds before you insert the dentures.
  • Use the soft and smooth pH9 formula based NaturDent Cleansing Tablets on a daily basis to clean the dentures effectively.
  • Consult your dentist regularly to ensure proper fitting dentures.

Eating and drinking: We recommend to begin by eating food which is easy to chew and not too spicy. After eating, food particles may be trapped under your denture and cause sore points or gum irritations. If this happens, please apply the adhesive (with your finger) until the edge of your dentures. Since you have an artificial palette you will have the impression that food tastes different, this will change. Please be careful, when drinking with a straw, you can burn yourself at some hot drinks (your gum will not realise the temperature). If you chewing a gum, you will realise quickly it doesn’t work. Because it gives you the sensation of pulling on your denture. If you prefer whole-grain bread, instead of white bread, please be careful, that no small grain gets trapped under your denture. This could hurt very badly. If you realise, your denture hurts during eating – don’t live with that. Visit your dentist and ask him to grind the area. It is not necessary to suffer from pain, because of the denture.

Speaking: “Mississippi-Mischischippi” You just need to be patient, your tongue will adjust. But don’t hold back your talking!

You!: We know it is a bit of an adjusting time to your new denture. Every new denture wearer is playing around with their tongue to assure: “Is the denture still there?”, “Is it wobbling?”, “Does it still bond?”, “Are there residues?”… As long as you are constantly concerned with your denture, you will move them somehow. This causes excessive saliva. Excessive saliva can lessen the bonding. The sooner you get used to your denture, the more normal your mucosa reacts.

Finally the most important advice: Wear your denture every day!

For optimum cleaning of your dentures, we recommend the daily use of  NaturDent Cleansing Tablets.


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