Wowwwww :-O – Now I am absolutely baffled… ? Thank you
I know that Austrians are very nice people! Especially the ones from Vienna… ?
But you top everything what I experienced in company service so far. So if in your company work such nice people, than your products HAVE TO be good! (Which my personal test already confirmed!)
Anyways one thing that is certain for me: I will, till the end of my days, only use products from “NaturDent” for my third teeth – and of course make it public. ?
Maybe you can give me a few leaflets, which I would love to hand out!!!
Not everyone in my generation has internet – that’s why I ordered for my friends and family already for a long time.

anonym, Berlin (DE) on 20th March 2019

Hello dear NaturDent-Team!
I wholeheartedly thank you, your colleagues and generally your whole company! The wonderful package arrived on Friday here! It almost made me shed a tear… I thought something like that wouldn’t have been possible in this day and age.

anonym, Berlin (DE) on 01st April 2019

Dear Team from NaturDent,
while searching for a natural denture adhesive we came across your product, which we were immediately convinced by. Our search in the organic supermarket Alnatura and in pharmacies was unfortunately unsuccessful so far.

Could you please inform us on where to buy both of your products (your cleansing tablets as well) in Hamburg? Since many years ago we changed our whole lives in only using organic products we don’t want to get back to products with chemical ingredients that don’t belong in our mouths.

We really hope you can help us.
And of course thank you that these products exist at all.

anonym, Hamburg (DE) on 27th March 2019

Dear NaturDent-Team
Just now we received your package and we would like to thank you wholeheartedly.

My husband will test the creme immediately and the day after tomorrow we will take one of the cartons to our dentist. It’s very important to us that your product gets attention. I will also write my health insurance so that they can inform their members with it.

We wish you a sunny and happy Easter and for your company great success.

anonym, Hamburg (DE) on 15th April 2019

Hello dear NaturDent-Team,
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. As I looked into the carton I was really surprised. I didn’t expect to get that as a sample, thank you so much! Of course I already started testing Fittydent yesterday and today NaturDent. All I can say is that I am thrilled of both denture adhesives. The upper denture stays fantastic. From 7am till ca. 10pm. And I consistently ate.

But , as you wrote, I spread everything nicely with my finger. Unfortunately I still have to practise for the lower denture. Spreading it in a thin layer isn’t my speciality yet. But practise makes perfect.

I am so glad that I finally found something to keep my teeth were they belong while I eat and I will only report positively about it. Thank you very much, again!

anonym, Essen (DE) on 14th June 2019